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    Statistics Thread

    Hello Vikings,

    This thread is gonna be about statistics that come out of our Factions matches. You can throw in anything related that comes in mind.

    My first post is gonna be about the Kills & Matches of all my units/classes/ranks. I will post them here, and draw some conclusions at the end of the post. For the record, according to Steam achievements, I've played 906 battles by now, and won 726 (~80%) by now. In the Hall of Valor, I have won 158 out of the 241 (~66%) ranked/tourney battles I've fought. My best-ever & current Elo score is 1447 & 1382, respectively, and my best-ever win-streak is 18 (that was before the quick/ranked match split).


    Note: If memory serves me right, all my units were hired with zero kills from the Mead-House. As grumpyoldman pointed out in post#6 in the thread, hiring "experienced" or "veteran" rank-0 units that come with 15 or 30 kills, can distort the following figures. Those kills should normally be subtracted from the kill-count, unless the number of battles and extra kills is large, e.g. over 500 battles or over 300 kills.

    K = Kills
    B = Battles
    Class     K    B    K/B
    BM (r1)  724  528  1.37    
    BM (r2)  234  186  1.26
    BM (r3)  190  169  1.12
    SA (r1)   85  226  0.38
    SA (r2)   67  177  0.38
    SA (r3)   46  102  0.45
    SS (r1)  321  287  1.12
    SS (r2)  110   93  1.18
    SS (r3)  102  102  1.00
    BB (r1)   89  246  0.36
    BB (r2)   62  137  0.45
    BB (r3)   54  107  0.50
    RM (r1)  223  642  0.35
    RM (r2)  134  308  0.44
    RM (r3)   80  136  0.59
    TH (r1)  152  208  0.73
    TH (r2)   68  106  0.64
    TH (r3)   69   81  0.85
    PK (r1)   32   66  0.48
    PK (r2)   24   38  0.63
    PK (r3)   60   92  0.65
    SM (r1)   36   79  0.46
    SM (r2)   23   55  0.42
    SM (r3)   52   91  0.57
    SRM(r1)  247  205  1.20
    SRM(r2)   66   64  1.03
    SRM(r3)  179  189  0.95
    WH (r1)  411  279  1.47
    WH (r2)  184  153  1.20
    WH (r3)  293  223  1.31
    WL (r1)   31   41  0.76
    WL (r2)   41   43  0.95
    WL (r3)   46   56  0.82
    WM (r1)   78   78  1.00
    WM (r2)   81   69  1.17
    WM (r3)   88   63  1.40
    The remarks that follow are highly dependent on my personal play-style and skill, but you might draw similar conclusions for yourselves, as some patterns emerge. The metric I will mostly used is "K/B" i.e. Kills/Battle (nothing to do with our four-times champ, K_B ). A unit with a high (low) K/B is one that has a "killer" (or "breaker/support") role in the teams it makes part of.

    • Most used classes are: BM, RM, SRM and WH.
    • Most used unit is my rank-1 RM (642 battles) followed by rank-1 BM (528 battles), while rank-1 WH & SS battle for third place far below (279 & 287 battles, respectively).
    • Least used classes are: WL, PK, SM & WM. Rank-1 PK & WL have just over 30 battles in their belts.
    • Deadliest class is WH (K/B > 1.3), closely followed by BM.
    • Least deadly class --indicating "breaker" or "support" units-- is SA and then BB (K/B ~ 0.4). My Shieldbangers, SM & PK, do a little better, with K/B~0.5.
    • Archers: For BM & SS, the K/B falls as the rank increases, probably due to me losing more often in high-power (p12) ranked/tourney matches, as compared to low-power (p6) QMs. The low K/B for SAs is evident of my use of them as front-line breakers rather than killers.
    • Raiders: K/B increases with rank, indicating that Raiders can "transform" from breakers to killers as their rank (and hence their "importance") in a build increases. Thrasher is by far the deadliest Raider-class, while RM and BB are comparable.
    • Shieldbangers: An obvious "role difference" emerges, comparing SRM to the other two SBs: the former is a killer while the latter are breaker/support units. Interestingly, my r3 SRM is less deadly than r1 SRM, probably related to me using him badly at higher-powers; another explanation could be that his r3-Ram ability makes him a good breaker, so I feel comfortable using him as a blocker & damage-sponge.
    • Warriors: Another "role difference" is evident, comparing WL to WH&WM: the former is a breaker/support unit, while the others are killers. WH is overall deadlier than WM, who is often used as an "unmaimable blocker" (thanks to SI ability) as we all know.

    I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on the above, as well as compare your stats to mine
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