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Thread: Second chapter progress.

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    Second chapter progress.

    Hey all.

    I was just wondering if there's been any recent news about the progress of the second chapter in The Banner Saga. I really enjoyed the first chapter and am looking forward to seeing how the story continues, as well as exciting new ideas for combat and hero customization.

    So when can I look forward to celebrating a long-anticipated event?

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    Hi! natej11 Don't have anything official concerning a date, but just know the devs are hard at work on part 2 for sure! Hang around so you won't miss anything !!

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    Devs... Where are you? Please post something, anything! It's been so long since we've last heard from you. It doesn't have to be anything official or "juicy", just a sign of life...
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    Would be great to hear some news!

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    I am still waiting for confirmation on whether or not there will be any further patch for Chapter 1.
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    They've already stated that right now almost one hundred percent of their focus is on the tablet version of "The Banner Saga" One. Now, believe it or not, this is actually a good thing for PC/Mac gamers. It will give the devs a much larger budget for TBS 2, as the title will undoubtedly sell well on the tablet medium. And since they'll be releasing the game on a new platform we'll likely experience a few new (for both tablet and PC) patches possibly fixing some of the linguistic translation complaints. Lastly, as Stoic just recently released the Godstone contest there's a fair amount of certainty that they're working on the TBS 2 storyline right now. We should be glad that they're taking their time and not rushing to release a sequel which would compromise the artistic integrity of their series.

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    And the recent kickstarter update confirmed that Stoic is still working on a Linux version of The Banner Saga.

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