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    Ekkil - TBS 2

    I'm wondering/hoping that Ekkil, even if the character refuses Onef's offer upon being seemingly betrayed by Ekkil, (or simply does not interact with Ekkil), will be present in some manner in TBS 2. I find him to be one of the more interesting characters in that he's entirely unpredictable (in a similar manner to Tryggvi, albeit a more mentally composed manner), and I'm curious as to whether or not he will make an appearance in TBS 2 even if A: The player doesn't meet him, but meets Onef, yet refuses Onef's offer, or B: Meets Ekkil and works with him, but refuses Onef's offer after being attacked by Ekkil's men. I think it would make for an especially interesting RP scenario if option B had been taken in TBS 1 by the player, and in TBS 2 Ekkil and the player confront each other again. The player would be meeting a character that they are disposed to believe betrayed them in TBS 1, and I believe it would make for a rather interesting encounter. As for option A I just hope that Ekkil will be in TBS 2 regardless of whether or not the character met him simply because I find him to be a pretty bad ass character.

    Just my two cents, I want to know what other people think.
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