Hello vikings! I figured that I'd share my entry/submission to the Godstone Contest, since there's nothing to be spoiled (much to my dismay ). Please share your stories too, if you like. Comments/suggestions/remarks are welcome and, in the case of Drew (Stoic's writer for TBS2), comments are more than welcome

Grassland surrenders to hard barren dirt as the caravan ascends the low hill crowned by the godstone of Solveig. It is not your impression; unnatural heat is emitted from the ground, growing more intense as you approach the summit. No sign of life, animal or plant, is to be seen anywhere around the massive boulder, which increases the uneasiness of your clansmen. Solveig is depicted as a female human figure with her hands raised up towards the sky, her fingers like tongues of flame and her unkempt hair framed by a brilliant sunburst. The surface of the stone is charcoal black and the sun, reflected from the carved designs, dazzles your eyes. Absently tracing the engravings on the base of the stone, you pull your hand back feeling sharp pain. You look at your burned fingers and taking a step back to inspect the monument, realization strikes: the godstone is scorching hot while the patterns on the rock face are pulsing like living embers!

Initially a goddess of warmth, hearths and the sun, Solveig was also considered a protector of households and a shield against winter's cold. A mirthless smile crosses your face, as you recall that she was worshipped during the summer solstice... Now that the firmament is stopped in a perpetual solstice, this resonance of the blessing of Solveig has been distorted into a plague, slowly killing life in the nearby lands. What irony.

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