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    Alright folks, the "Winter Tourney" is coming closer. Brace yourselves:

    1. Tourney registrations will close tomorrow at 22:00 GMT (!), so that we can form the groups and maybe start the tourney by this weekend. I'll start a new forum-thread for that, once we're ready to start
    2. It seems that we'll be ~16 players (maybe a few more?), so Tirean suggested we do 4 small groups (of 4-5 players), instead of 2 big ones (of 7-8 players), to speed up the group-stage. Sounds fair to me. Top two players from each groups will advance to knockout stage. We'll see how/if we can fit any fresh players on the knockout-stage.
    3. I formed an open Steam-group, for you to join: We'll post announcements there, for all of you folks to get via their Steam Notifications/Activity. Maybe we can use that: (a) for the groups to decide on their special rule-set, (b) for players to schedule the matches with their opponents, so as not to throttle the tourney-thread.
    4. Website/platform to host our tourney management: We're looking into this with grumpy and netnazgul. Most likely it's gonna be Challonge. We also considered Binary-Beast, but Challonge seems better. Anyway, don't you worry about this.
    5. Group-compositions will be defined once registrations close. From the feedback I got, I think we can do 2 groups with random-builds, 1 group with non-random/fixed builds (those three will have players of mixed EU/USA timezone availability) and 1 group with USA-based folks with limited availability (they decide on their rules, random builds or not). Please, express a preference on the groups defined as: RM={Random-Builds; Mixed-Timezone}, FM={Fixed-Builds; Mixed-Timezone}, US={TBD-Builds;USA-timezone}. If I don't hear from you, I will quasi-randomly seed the groups according to my good judgement
    6. League-stage rules: Each group will feature home/away battles and the members of the group can decide on their special rules (random builds, home-team advantage, power-level etc). We can make Steam-group discussions/threads for each group to decide separately on their rules.
    7. Knockout-stage: 8 players, the 4 top-placed of each group fighting the 4 second-placed. We can do Best-of-3 (Bo3) for each match-up. The two opponents are to decide on rules (random builds, home/away/neutral team, power-level, map/board, first turn etc).

    Updated participants list:
    1. Aleonymous
    2. stoicmom
    3. Tyrael
    4. Yngvar
    5. Rymdkejsaren
    6. Gudmundr
    7. Tirean
    8. grumpyoldman
    9. Lost Viking (*) -- Generally limited availability
    10. netnazgul
    11. JackJammer
    12. hreinnbeno
    13. Another Persona (*) -- Only in for random build fights
    14. Veringatorix (*) -- Limited barracks (only rank-1s)
    15. IIpuBeT
    16. mindflare77

    *** Lolisauce (*) -- Only for Knockout double-elimination stage
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