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    So I hope we fit everyone asking into groups and can finally close the draft and start the tournament (hopefully - on challonge).

    Questions are about how to better generate randoms for players, what the preferable power of builds is (I'm for 12) and the most important one - have we agreed on a maximum match setup time (i.e. 1-2 days) to speed the things up?

    Also - what will be the handicap for home/away?
    I have a suggestion for this:
    A) Each player is drafted 3 random builds. He selects 1 build that he will play in his home game. He then chooses one of the opponent's 2 builds left for his opponent to play in that home game.
    B) The same, but 5 builds are drafted, and between 4 builds 2 are chosen for opponent to select among.

    Example (for variant B):
    Player1 is drafted with builds ABCDE. Player2 is drafted with FGHIJ.
    Player1 chooses to play A for his home game. Player2 chooses F for his home game.
    Player1 selects G and H among opponent's builds. Player2 chooses B and C.
    So, in Player1's home game it's either (A vs G) or (A vs H); Player2 decides.
    In Player2's home game it's (B vs F) or (C vs F), Player1 decides.

    All in all we have:
    a) random builds
    b) less randomness due to several builds to choose from
    c) home/away system integrated
    d) fun

    Still needs a 3rd party to generate 10 builds for each pair. Or a live stream with drafting process.

    PS: Ranks (if it's p12) and stats are selected by each player manually, turn order is provided by random I suppose
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