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    TBS2 Announcement Trailer

    So, we had a ~45sec long trailer announcing "The Banner Saga 2", at yesterday's The Game Awards 2014 at Las Vegas. Here is the link to Game-Informer, featuring the official version of the video-trailer:

    And here's a brief description of what we saw:

    Longboats traversing some fjord/river, probably escaping from the ruin of Boersgard, and heading for a waterfall...? (EDIT: Actually it's like the world is angled at 90 degrees...)

    Humans, possibly led by a mohawked Skald guy (), strengthening their resolve behind some wooden barricaded town...?

    A band of horseborn, possibly led by the female character called Canary (early concept art), before a snow-covered town.

    Hakon talking to Bolverk...

    ... and sending him into a Berserk (?) rage/feat, strongly reminiscent of Mumm-Ra's (ThunderCats) transformation

    The mixed human/Varl caravan marching, with the red (Skogr?) banner flapping overhead. In the bottom, we see Bellower's body pierced by the Silver-Arrow.

    The title-scene, without a release date....
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