I'm concerned about this claim that is on several websites advertising the banner saga:

"Multiplayer Combat Enhanced - sharpen your combat skills in the free multiplayer game 'Factions'. As you play through the single player game you'll also unlock new characters to use in multiplayer."

I've greatly enjoyed The Banner Saga and beaten it twice on Normal and three times on Hard. I noticed AMD was promoting it in my Catalyst Control Center and went to their page for it on their website to see what might be there since I'm such a fan of the game. To my surprise, I noticed this mention of unlockable characters in multi-player, and I since I hadn't played Factions since months before the games release, I reinstalled it, only to find it was, apart from a diminished player base, exactly the same game I had left it as far as I can tell. The mention of multi-player characters unlockable through the single player game is not on the Steam Store page for the game, but it has been on many other online store page for the game (Humble Bundle, GamersGate, GameStop, Uplay, though not on Amazon, Google play, the Apple App Store or GOG).

Where are these unlockable characters? Why is there a mysterious class represented by a silhouetted avatar with a question mark for each list of the sub-classes that can be promoted from Raider, Archer, Shieldbanger, and Warrior?

It took a day before I received the email with the link to activate my account, so in that time I messaged one of the developers about this issue, since I couldn't post thread replies or new threads. The message was sent on Decemeber 3rd, but he hasn't responded, though his account has been active since the message.

I've searched these forums and used Google to look for anyone questioning or addressing this issue, but surprisingly I haven't found it addressed anywhere. I say it's surprising, since this is a matter of false advertising, which seems quite serious for developers like Stoic, who I have regarded thus far as a company of integrity. What if someone particularly fond of PvP had been playing The Banner Saga: Factions and bought The Banner Saga only after seeing the promise of new unlockable characters in the single player? If no such feature exists, why else but to dishonestly get more people to purchase the game would the promise of unlockable multi-player characters in the single player mode be touted?