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Thread: Banner Saga and WiFi?

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    Banner Saga and WiFi?

    Hello everyone!
    I'm Dahlia_Sark and my husband (SolidRockGaming) and I are both avid fans of Factions. We are pooling our resources and considering purchasing the Banner Saga game itself, but need to know first whether or not it can be played offline. The assumption is that--because it's single-player--we can, but we don't want to make guesses with this sort of thing.

    My apologies if this has already been answered and I couldn't find it.

    Will we need wi-fi to play Banner Saga?


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    Hi there, and sorry for the huge delay. Your post just showed up

    You probably figured this out, but anyway: Yes, the game can be played offline. No, the game doesn't require wifi to play, but you gotta download from somewhere!
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