I am new to the Banner Saga, about 3 hours in, and one thing I've noticed that drives me crazy (even to the point of quitting the play session) is that during combat you are almost penalized for having more people on your side. Say, for instance, there are only 2 of the large, shielded Dredge on the opposite side and you have a party full of people. The individual Dredges get to act EVERY OTHER GO and wail on your people that can't act but once every 6 actions. This is not a gripe about difficulty because I believe combat to be satisfying when it works well, but this kind of stuff is just inconsistent and makes me want to gouge my eyes out instead of finish the battle. The concepts are cool but couldn't they be tempered with a little bit of the excellence that say, X-Com UFO Defense utilized to make it the best PC of all time so many years ago? Make the combat more uniform, one person = one action per "round" so you actually have a numbers advantage, like you would realistically. I registered just to "vent" this- don't misunderstand me, I love this game so much. Music, cinematography, story- it's all beautiful.