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Thread: Factions warriors!

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    Factions warriors!

    Hello everyone!

    Just here to say I came across this game not to long ago and absolutely love it! I am really big into viking stuff and this game is down right awesome! I am very excited about TBS2 and the future of factions. I just hope all you other faction players out there keep coming to the battlefield and stay with this amazing game! I hope the guys at Stoic have epic plans for this game and factions in the future!

    Jarl Sigurd1202

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    Skald Aleonymous's Avatar
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    Hello Jarl Sigurd We can only hope and keep on fighting in Strand!
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    Hello Jarl Sigurd! I'm also not old player but TBS and TBS:F are just epic games.

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    AYE! Agreed friend!

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    What is planned epic compiled by stoic for this game

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