Greetings my fellow Vikings

I am a fan of the Banner Saga since I first heard of it…Vikings, Giants, Nordic theme, Chess-like strategy and beautiful arts, I was immediately fascinated. I had a lot of fun since Factions came out on Steam as a free to play game and couldn’t wait for Banner Saga 1. In this early time, Strand was full of warriors and among them slowly Champions arose which one could look up to such as RPGamer, KB. As casual player I’ve never played in the upper competitive league, thus never reached beyond P6, but I had my fun  Also in the community it was exciting times, people started guides, vivid discussion on strategy were held and one could see the delevopers regularly posting and answering to threads. Thanks to some quite active players, among them Tirean, Butters, Slimsy, Netznazgul, Kletian (Names I often read throughout the forum) there was always something going on in the community. After this “golden era” came quite a hard time, everybody was waiting for Banner Saga 1 to come out, nothing new in factions, declining player numbers, even the veterans in the forums slowly began to “retire”. My visits in strands also become more and more rare. Then, finally when Banner Saga came out, we’ve seen a many new players in faction, however this level could not be held. When I played through the game I was so eager and curious to try out the new units in factions, but it was a major downer to hear that work on factions was stopped to an indefinite time. Sadly, this prediction was true, since almost a year, nothing happened to factions. Luckily there always some keepers of the watch in strand, among them the ever constant, Stoicmom, the mother of all Strandonians :P and also Aleonymous who turned out to be one of the most active forum members. Thank you (and of course all the others in the forum I didn’t mentioned) for keeping the community alive. Now we came again to a long waiting period and I must admit, with an average of 15-17 players in the game, the player base became quite…humble.
I just recently signed up to the forum and it is really a nice small community we got here. Long time I was only observing and reading but now I really feel like something must happen. Factions was always a really nice way to bridge the long times between the main game. So please Stoic, don’t let it die, pay at least a bit attention to it. There are two things, which I think are not too difficult to implement and in my opinion would add again some spice to the game:

1) Unlock all the colors for the units, let the players enjoy the beauty of all skins. I mean 10 EUR for a color pack in a game which stands still since over a year and is free to play? Nowadays you get full games on steam with this amount of money. It’s not that I’m not willing to pay real money (initially I wanted to buy it before I heard Factions would be “Dead”) but 10 EUR is just not contemporary anymore.

2) Give us the possibility to re-rank our units. Meaning that I once you have a rank 3 unit, you can also play it as rank 1 again. So you can play in both P6 and P12 matches (Tourney) without spending masses of renown to have multiple same units at different ranks. Currently if you want to play a 2 BM at all levels, you need 2xr1, 2xr2, 2xr3 units. I think somewhere in the forum some math has been done how much renown one must spend.
Of course some of you could argue: “Well, then earn your renown for upper ranks and colours, you just need to play XX matches”. With the current player base it is just not so easy anymore to grind for renown anymore. I mean just ask the veteran players here how many matches they play per week. I was always a casual player, so now it would be even more difficult to get mass renown.

Sorry for the tl:dr, but I feel like there is still a very long march ahead of us until something proficient happens. So Stoic, why not keep up the morale of your vikings with some goodies hmm?
What do you others think?
Sorry for any typos, the text is even too long for me to re-read :P that’s it for the moment.

Keep the shieldwall tight vikings!!

p.s.: Aleonymus, you can call me Raid, its okay