Were releasing a rather large update for The Banner Saga and it includes the Linux + SteamOS versions of the game. We know it took a while, but we had to do things the right way rather than rush anything out. This update is already live via Steam with DRM Free sites getting the update within a couple of weeks. We're also happy to be having a 50% off sale for the weekend to accompany this update!

Were happy were the Linux + SteamOS turned out. We've tested primarily on SteamOS Beta and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. If you have any issues on your system, please contact us at

We are very pleased with the way the game feels when played with a gamepad. We tested with the primary 4 controllers: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation DualShock 3, and Playstation DualShock 4. We also tested with a variety of generic gamepads. However, if you use an unrecognized controller, you still might be able to configure it when prompted by the game. If you do this successfully, please contact us at so that we can incorporate your configuration into the game for everyone else.

The Steam Cloud saves will help ensure that your save games are more permanent and available for The Banner Saga 2. When you start the game for the first time, the game will automatically upload your old save games into the Steam Cloud.

Here are the Major Points and Release Notes for this build

Main Points
Linux + SteamOS
Big Picture
Full Gamepad
Steam Cloud Saves

Release Notes
Ported the game to Linux and SteamOS
Added Steam Big Picture support
Added Gamepad support for Xbox and Playstation compatible controllers
Graphical renderer completely rewritten and optimized using Starling and Stage3d for Windows and Mac OS X platforms. This puts more load on your GPU, instead of the CPU. You can still use the old renderer by adding the command line option "starling=false" without the quotes.
Added zooming with mouse wheel
Fix issue preventing achievements earned in offline play from uploading to Steam when Steam finally reconnects
Fix issue with the silver arrow
Fix issue causing Silver Arrow to be unusable in the Bellower Fight
Hero Stat upgrade GUI improved with new 'add' and 'subtract' buttons
Fix several grammar and spelling issues
Fix issue where Egil is still available for fight after being betrayed
Battle Horn no longer deducts stars if they cannot be used on the active hero
Command line options format has changed. See the Developer Cheatsheet for more information.

Enjoy Folks!