Here is an interview John gave recently, on the general topic of TBS2:

And here is the questions he was asked:
  • What major gameplay changes can we expect to see in The Banner Saga 2?
  • A few main problems I have seen voiced about The Banner Saga include: the lack of cutscenes and voice acting, no player control over where the caravan goes, little importance to the caravan numbers, and the lack of diversity in battle goals. How will these issues be addressed in The Banner Saga 2?
  • How might the choices we made in The Banner Saga affect the story of The Banner Saga 2?
  • What new races and classes can we expect to see in The Banner Saga 2 and what might they do?
  • What improvements to enemy AI will we see?
  • When are you hoping for The Banner Saga 2 to be released?
  • How has the addition of a new lead writer, Drew McGee, affected the outcome of the story?
  • How has the acclaim received by The Banner Saga affected the direction and development of The Banner Saga 2, and the trilogy, as a whole?
  • In what ways do you plan to improve and expand the player base of The Banner Saga: Factions?
  • Where did the story behind The Banner Saga come from? Why Norse mythology? Why some sort of Ragnarok? Who inspired some of the characters and what inspired some of the events that are not a part of Norse mythology?