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    I think that you are expecting too much from the AI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleonymous View Post
    Who knows, maybe some Troll will appear in the next TBS chapters, but I doubt it'll have your looks!
    Edit : too much ranting.

    On that note, I was wondering if anyone in the world of The Banner Saga ever braided their beards. I have only seen Varl with straight beards. At most they quite nicely tied.
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    My beard is augmented.

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    +1 To braided beards! Ye hear us, Arnie?

    Bumping this thread to bring a couple of things to your attention:

    1. I added some more reviews and interviews based on E3 (check at the bottom of the lists, in the original post of this thread).

    2. Rock Paper Shotgun (RPS), one of the most popular PC-gaming blogs with focus on indie games, placed TBS1 in its list of "The Best 50 RPG on PC" (of all time; TBS1 at #31!).

    3. Stoic are releasing short-story series for new TBS2 characters, piece-by-piece. Here's the story for Folka, the Shieldmaiden, authored by Nika Harper.

    4. Stoic posted a status update on their website (and facebook). Nothing really substantial there though.
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