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Thread: My Wishlist for The Banner Saga 2

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    Lightbulb My Wishlist for The Banner Saga 2

    The Banner Saga is such a great game....thanx for making this game.... I hope is not too late to drop some suggestions to improve the inminent sequel...

    1.-More expresions per character: All mayor characters in the story should have one happy, sad, angry,injured expresions... it's kinda immersion breaking seeing Oddleif's fabulous pose right after she was stabbed by Onef....

    2.-Loot the dead companions: We should be able to recover the items you give to your companions when they die/leave..of course there may be cases when a character dies and for some story elements you can't stay to recover their items...but I send people to recover the body of my green bodyguard and should be able to recover his items...the god damn Onef died in my caravan (or close to it) we had a lot of time to loot and piss on his dead body...It's a little annoying losing some good equipment that way...

    3.-Improved translations: The Spanish version of this game had a lot of issues... i was constantly swaping between the spanish and the english version to totally understand what's happening.... Note: The word "Clicka" does not exist in spanish XD

    4.-Dream Mode: A new mode where people can create and play user made adventures/stories, this game seems to have a great framework to build an infinite amount of custom stories generated by the comunity... and with the excuse that "It was a dream" (like the weird dreams Hakon was having) it could be added in the campaing without problems...

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    Hello there and welcome to our humble little community. Sorry for the delayed response, but your post just showed up (first two posts from new members require approval by mods/admins)

    1 - Yes, that's something we totally need! I don't think we'll see it coming in TBS2 though, as it required remodeling the characters etc. However, we will see some of the TBS1 heroes having different expressions, according to what happened to them in TBS1.

    2 - We've asked for this a lot of times, so I do hope Stoic will make it happen. It's quite simple, really: Item "ownership" should be passed to the caravan, not the individual hero.

    3 - True. Most of the translations got mediocre reviews, but Spanish and Portuguese were the harshest. Maybe Russian as well. Stoic switched the translation firm they were working with, so I hope these new guys do a better job with TBS2.

    4 - Hehe, nice name, and "wrapping" it like that Hakon's dream. There's this official content editor called "Zeno" which is shipped together with the game, that can be used to generate such stories. Check the free DLC called "Mod Content DLC", on Steam. However, it's a bit underdocumented at the moment, and maybe a bit "heavy" on the computational side. John (Stoic's tech director) hopes to improve it in the future. Check this out:
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    Very good suggestions, specially 1 and 2.

    3 is a given, like bug fixes, etc, it will happen gradually even if we request it or not. Or so i hope at least.

    4 is not necessary in my personal opinion.
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