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Thread: Skyshine's BEDLAM out Tomorrow!

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    Skyshine's BEDLAM out Tomorrow!

    Was just browsing Steam and noticed this comes out tommorrow. This is the Banner Saga game engine with small tweaks to combat, story progression, and set in a post apocalyptic world! Can't wait to play through this one. Probably right up any Banner Saga fan's alley.

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    Indeed! I am interested to see how BEDLAM used the TBS engine to make a rogue-like game and, specifically, what they did differently in the combat-system. But, I am not so fond of the post-apocalyptic theme (as I am of the medieval/fantasy one) to jump into BEDLAM right now. I'll keep a vigilant eye, though
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    I have Bedlam already preordered. I am looking forward to playing it and seeing what differencies between Saga and Bedlam are, gameplay-wise.

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