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Thread: Offline and Menders

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    Offline and Menders

    Greetings, Vikings!

    I am new to mobile gaming. I recently traded in my 3ds (regrettably), and will begin traveling the continent soon. It seems I would love Banner Saga--Fire Emblem was my 3DS favorite. However, it appears most mobile games will ONLY work online, which seems totally contradictory to the nature of mobile. Before I spend the money to purchase Banner Saga, I want to make sure I can actually play it. I have an iphone 6, but am mostly without internet access, especially during my stay in Alaska. So, can I play Banner Saga without using mobile data? Obviously I'll have to download it, but beyond that, will I need the internet?

    Thank you. Looking forward to a new adventure.

    PS - Also, can you actually play as a mender?

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    Hello there,

    I don't have the game on any mobile devices (iOS/Android etc), so I can't help. But, I think you won't require an active connection, judging from how the game is on Steam. In any case, unless the store (AppStore/GooglePlay) can't help, you better double-check that with stoic by sending them an email at or maybe via their social networks (twitter/facebook).

    Yes, you get to use a mender as a unit in the battles, but you don't get to role-play a mender (decisions etc). Maybe in TBS2 we'll see/play more of them

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