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Thread: Xbox One loss of game save progress

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    Unhappy Xbox One loss of game save progress

    Hi all,

    I started playing this game yesterday on Xbox One and have absolutely loved every single second of it. I have played most of yesterday and finally went to bed at around day 108 near the end of chapter 6. Today, when i woke up looking forward to finishing this amazing piece of artwork, i resumed my game however it loaded a save from chapter 3 at 62 days. I cannot locate any save that is further than this. I know they existed at one time because i have loaded saves far past the 62 day mark but this morning they are nowhere to be found.

    I've tried to come up with an awesome analogy to convey how this has made me feel but have given up and will simply use the word 'gutted'. Is there any chance i'll be able to recover my game saves? I really want to finish this game, more than any game I currently own. I'd just really prefer not to lose 50% of my progress. Amazing game just don't want to have to repeat everything again.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello. Yes, this is a known issue, i.e. others have had similar problem (e.g. here), but yours is a "high score" Not sure if something can be done to recover the saves. Better send Stoic an email at with details, as Myll_Erik suggests in that reddit (he's with VersusEvil, Stoic's publishers).
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    Very nice, it makes me understand more.

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