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Thread: Bug during training woth Holfi

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    Bug during training woth Holfi

    A big bug on Steam (PC): In a training session with Holfi, maybe the 4th, you must cancel Bolverkīs turns until the end. Thatīs perfect, only I only have three adversaries including Bolverk, which never gets Bolverk behind Sparrīs turn, so the training always fails.

    I read somewhere there should be 4 and that this bug affects many players. Please, I need the renown badly!

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    The first time I tried it Bolverk had 1 other person with him. I just tried it again after I have leveled Bolverk up more and he is by himself. So I am guessing the number of opponents is based off of the overall level of your team. If your Bolverk is low level and the other three all a lot higher, or at least equal to his, I bet there will be plenty of other characters with him.

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    Yup, there is a problem with the spawner there. It should spawn at least 3 (?) enemies, so that Sparr always acts before Bolvy. Of course, you have to leave everyone alive on Bolvy's side, and focus only on him.

    Several retries of the Scenario might eventually spawn the required number of enemies, but that's not the intended behaviour of course!
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    This is happening to me on a mac too, just to add that. I keep have a go at this, always three enemies.

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