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    Lightbulb Onef & Ekkill

    This might be kind of an old topic, but still relevant in my opinion as it has never been properly explained. Spoilers ahead!

    Why do Ekkill(Onef) betrays you at Frostvellr(the the town before The Wastes)?

    You get 3 options:
    #1 Stay outside the town on your own.
    #2 Stay inside the town and help Ekkill/Onef
    #3 Stay inside the town on your own.

    It makes sense for him to attack your group if you decide to stay on your own inside the walls and not cooperate with him. Or if one previously took an aggressive approach in order to get inside the walls in the first place(ambushed and attacked the supply wagon, sneaked in by the water passage or pushed/broke the gates). Then it would at least be somewhat plausible that even if we are currently cooperating he might want some revenge for the previous insults, although that should be better explained in-game in stead of left to imagination.

    However if one took a passive approach in order to get inside the walls(confronted the supply wagon) without killing anyone, and then decided to stay inside and cooperate with him, then why does he attacks? You have done no harm to him in any way, on the contrary...

    I recently did a new play-trough of the first game in preparation for the second one, and sadly this part of the game bugged my mind to no end. Is it an oversight? a plot-hole? was it done so on purpose, if so whats the logic? or was this simply an underdeveloped bit that required more fleshing out but time and money were scarce?
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