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    UI suggestions

    I played Factios for some time and I noticed that targeting enemies adjacent to other people during combat could be difficult for the overlay of them.
    My suggestions are insert the possibility to rotate the camera during combat or create a mode (ex. the "creature mode" in Dofus) to cancel the overlay.

    PS. Sorry for my bad english

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    Hello there

    By "overlay" you mean the stat-banners over each unit, showing their current STR/ARM/WIL? Yes, it can be cluttered sometimes, but I usually hit TAB to close these stat-banners if things get too cranky. Actually, the single-player games found a more elegant solution to this problem: You can have the stat-banners always disabled and when you hover with mouse over a unit (or portrait), its stat-banner is enabled temporarily, until you mouse mouse cursor away.

    Nevertheless, adding the possibility to rotate/flip the board would be very nice, especially if it came together with more background artwork
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    I think he meant that some units "shadow" each other when they are placed in front/behind another and makes one of them difficult to see.
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