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Thread: [MOD] YaK's SSLTBS1 Fixpack (Spare Some Love To Banner Saga 1)

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    As a closing circle, i am again in the same doubt of when i started: How many varl should get to Boersgard?

    We know that Saga2 default start provide you with much more varl than how many was possible in the first game, but that's another story.

    Right now, after some partial official bugfixing, we're in this situation:

    You arrive a Einartoft with about 60 varl.
    • a) If you leave you will have: 60, plus 38 (volunteers + wounded), plus the same 38 (bug), plus 5 (ONLY if Gunnulf is dead, a bug)= something between 103 and 141;
    • b) If you help Eyvind in trying/succesfully destroying the bridge: 60, plus 5 (ONLY if Gunnulf is dead, a bug) -4 (Krumr event)= 56 to 61;
    • c) If you let Iver confront Jorundr and destry the bridge: 60, plus 23 ("many" varl that join Iver), plus 5 (as before) -4 (Krumr event)= 79 to 84;

    In Boersgard the gate breach event will trigger if you lose all the varl (and fighter) and you could lose a total of 85 varl there.

    Honestly, i think all this have no sense at all and should be reworked. Here's my proposition:

    • a-fixed) 38 (fixed)+6(fixed) (when Krumr say he will stay at Einartoft, his varl warrior from Wyrmtoe will remain too, it makes sense to me)= 44 [Worst case scenario, breach could happen]
    • b-fixed) 60+6-4= 62 (better case scenario, breach could still happen);
    • c-fixed) 60+42+6-4= 104 (best case scenario, breach could be easily prevented)

    I am considering to raise varl losses in Boersgard as follow:

    day2: 14 --> 19
    day3: 25 --> 33
    day4: 46 --> 53

    The sum of the possible losses will raise from 85 to 105, so in the worst case scenario it's still possible to trigger the gate breach event.

    What do you think?
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