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Thread: Banner Saga 2 Title screen

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    Banner Saga 2 Title screen

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone knows of or has a screenshot of the title screen for TBS 2. I don't mean the Start screen but after the initial intro and either Rook or Alette are leaning against the tree and the Banner Saga 2 title shows up - would love it for a desktop wallpaper but I can't find it anywhere and I am playing the sequel on Xbox after changing PC's so unable to screenshot it myself.

    Thanks to anyone who can help in advance!

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    Hello there and welcome.

    You can probably find that scene as a screenshot, e.g. from Steam users here:

    You will find variations (Rook/Alette, with/without the game Logo) and different resolutions. Doing a google search with one of those images can give you an even better match to what you're looking for.

    EDIT: Here are the results of such an image-based google-search
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