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Thread: What alternatives solutions/options would you have liked to see?

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    What alternatives solutions/options would you have liked to see?

    Me personally,I really don't understand why there's no way of finding about the supplies in frostvellr without Onef. Surely,through some sort of dealing with the clans fighting in the city you could learn about the location of the storehouse;but as a consequence,members of the clan would ambush you,killing off some clansmen,and maybe causing your heroes to be wounded for some time?Alternatively,you send out some scouts through the city to see if they find anything of interest while you watch the caravan;they come back a day later with many of them missing from being attacked/starving/etc.,but they tell you about the storehouse,which you can raid,but you additionally lose morale because some members of the caravan see it as wrong to steal from the unknown owner of the storehouse,since you never found out who owned them.
    Any other ideas for that scenario or others?

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    Well, I suppose there would be dozens of interesting options to choose from in a true "open-world" game, but TBS story is unfurled from the role-play perspective of the POV hero, so it only presents you with the options that he/she can think of at the moment... And Rook is trusting person that does't wanna play the rogue/marauder type! Of course, here comes the writer of the game that presents us with these choices!

    In any case, I like your suggestion of how to handle the shortage of supplies that Rook's caravan is facing in Frostvellr, without Onef. Rook can risk searching the city, and get in trouble with the local guards and/or the clansmen etc.
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    Or maybe we could use Onef to find the supplies then not take him. Which could either lead to a fight or dealing with him later.

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