I recently got The Banner saga 1 as a gift from my sister.
I was very exited i checked double if i had the right computer spec's before the gift would go to waste..

This is the minimum Requirements
System: MAC OSX 10.7.5
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Free space: 4 GB

My specs:
System: MAC OSX 10.11.6
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Free space: over 20 gb
Video card: Intel HD-video 3000 288 MB (but nothing is mentioned of need of any)

So i thought lets have some fun with this story driven game.

And right at the first cutscene it stutters like crap its just unwatchable, skipped the video and battle gamplay is just fine runs completely smooth.
But Im not gonna play this game if i do have to skip the cutscenes it is no fun for me then.

I tried searching the internet for help, only thing i can find is help for windows. like disable vsync, you cannot do that in mac as far as i know and the game itself has 0 video options.

So i would like some help to fix this, and if it's not fixable and my macbook cant run it its falsely advertised and i want a refund.

Thank you kindly