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Thread: [MOD] Drake's and YaK's BS2 Fixpack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drake713 View Post
    Went back over my list to check against your change log, just wanted to confirm a couple things with you.

    -Did you keep my change to convo\part9\cnv_9_rnd_oli_gather2.json.z that addressed this concern?
    The line “He seems oblivious to the trouble he caused with the mushrooms.” seems to indicate that there was supposed to be some additional outcome from the previous event (likely tied to the flag 9_oli_ate_shrooms) since this hints at design elements not in the release version... bug?
    Uh,no. Were there other changes in that convo aside the o1/o2 thing? I've redone most of the changes anew, after comparing the latest official files and your patched files.

    -My fix to leaving Bindal was only partial, do you think the same number of clansmen should be added when helping to clear the gate as when looting the greathouse or trying to battle your way out?
    No, why? Those paths have others outcome not involving clansmen (items, renown from battle, supplies when screaming at the gate etc. etc.).

    I'll also list the unfixed/unfixable bugs just so others can see what is left to do, if not by us then by the devs:

    If you import a save from TBS1, it by default does NOT give you the kills and renown earned from the Bellower fight, and if you try to force it to do so by renaming your "" from just AFTER that last fight to "" TBS2 rejects the save as being from a completed game (bug?)
    NOT Fixable
    Yep, this is a Saga1 save system problem. Hereos items/promoting, renown and supplies imported are "freezed" at the point Hakon join you/you choose who will shot the arrow. All the changes done after that are lost. I guess the game just flag that save with a "completed" variable and go on. Maybe it's possible to compare that save and the one after (if there is one) and look for something useful, anyway could not be automatically fixed by us, since save system is not soft-coded.

    If you click on the volunteers you will be committed to this path with no way to go back to the Houses option above, bug?
    TODO: might not be fixable
    Sincerly i've not looked in the issue, because it seem not a dialogue problem, but i guess is boolean variable flagged on click on the voluunters, and with the current tools it's not possible to edit vlg/camp things, TBS Decompiler mess something while saving that kind of files and break all the "clickables".

    All options lead to the same result; option 3 implies a gain of supplies but none are added, bug?
    Yes, there should be some supplies gained and some fighters gained, for the fighters part, i zeroed that value since it is imbalancing and let out also the supplies thing. Maybe in the future we could expand the whole event.
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