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    Requesting Community Assistance - Beta Testing TBS1 on Steam

    Banner Saga 1 is being updated to the latest version of the engine. Quite a bit of cleanup happened under the hood, but also this adds in some improvements that exist in TBS2. We need your help to make sure everything is working properly. Please report bugs and discuss the beta in this thread, or join us on our Steam Forums!

    How do I access Beta?
    • Right click Banner Saga in your Steam Library
    • Click on Properties
    • Navigate to the “BETAS” tab
    • Use the dropdown menu to select “beta” branch
    • Download the Update
    • Launch Banner Saga

    Changes in this build:
    • Final Bellower battle tuned to be less difficult (see below)
    • Chapter 6 supply opportunities increased (see below)
    • Upgrade '+' sign shows up on hero icons in heroes tent when appropriate
    • Extended tooltips in battle
    • on stat banner, buffs, and items.
    • on hazards such as slag-and-burn, coals, etc...
    • Match Resolution:
    • Consequences tab shows injured units
    • Achievements tab shows new achievements
    • Items tab shows newly acquired items
    • Idling close caravan now uses idle anims for heroes (e.g. at godstones)
    • Fix missing normal ships after Vognir arrives in Strand
    • News Ticker on Start Screen (see TBS2 notes)
    • Injured units to not heal during travel, only when Resting in camp/village
    • Injured units' str penalty now equals the number of days of injury remaining


    1. Bellower Final Battle

    ...has been tuned down for normal and easy difficulty.

    Bellower's ARM/STR regen during the first battles was +6/+6 per turn

    It is now:

    Easy: +0/+1 ARM/STR
    Normal: +1/+3 ARM/STR
    Hard: +6/+6 ARM/STR (same as before)

    Bellower's ARM/STR regen during the second battle is still +1/+1 for all difficulties.

    2. Chapter 6 Supplies

    ...towns in the final world travel have more supplies and items for sale:

    1. Haukstorp, the first village after Einartoft which was ransacked by dredge (now 50 supplies at 10/renown, and 3 items)
    2. The first village past Sigrholm (now has 145 supplies, up from 98), and between 3-5 items.

    General Notes

    The game needs a full pass, including multiple difficulty settings, with particular attention payed to the complex situations in Frostvellr, Einartoft, and Boersgard. If possible, please compare this beta against the live build on Steam to make sure everything is still working as before.

    Based on the upgrades, here are some potential breakages to take special care in watching out for:

    • Variable Prereqs: things appearing or occurring in the wrong order or not at all. When the player makes a choice, the side effects should correctly affect events in the future just as before.
    • Variable scene anims: things not animating when they should, or incompletely
    • Save import. We run a risk of issues importing saves into TBS2. Issues could arise in BOTH SITUATIONS: from older versions of Tbs1 and new version of tbs1... into tbs2.
    • Units may take on the wrong appearance: look like their TBS2 version instead of TBS1 version
    • Bellower fight needs extra attention, in all 3 difficulty modes
    • Talents should be entirely disabled and invisible to the player in every way

    Developer Superpowers

    You can run the game in developer mode to gain access to a variety of cheats, fast-forwards, bookmark teleports, diagnostics, and other fun stuff. For more information, please see this Banner Saga Developer Cheatsheet.

    Patch Changes (2.35.09):
    • When returning to Frostvellr at the beginning of Chapter 4, supplies are now as they were at the end of chapter 2 (even though time has passed -- let's assume the party has been foraging)
    • Fix missing Alette description in Heroes tent after final Bellower battle
    • Fix issue where Rook walks ahead of Juno on the way to Godstone Strahvs
    • Nid now starts at rank 2 when she joins
    • Fix issue preventing snow from falling in snowy scenes -- please compare to live game for any discrepancies

    Patch Changes (2.35.40):
    • Console Error can flash on screen when changing game language
    • [Suggestion] Increase loot drop chance for winning the second wave of a battles.
    • Change default INT variable range from 1-20 to 0-100
    • [ES][PT][RU] Insufficient Willpower messaging under the Special Ability button does not appear localized.
    • [ES][PT][RU] Multiple fly text messages appears as placeholder.
    • [ES][PT][RU] Consequences display does not appear to be localized.
    • [ES][PT][RU] Small Party warning dialogue does not appear to be localized. Don't show dialog if translations don't exist
    • [Suggestion] Varl that join the caravan after the Godstone in chapter 3 should have supplies.

    Thank you!
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