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    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post
    These are fixed, for the most part, in the upcoming build. I made a few modifications. In particular on the well-debated traveling phrase

    Mine is "Any travel through horseborn lands usually passes through Tinsfount". This uses the verb 'Travel' as the subject of the sentence, which is a beloved device called Anthimeria.

    Also, here's an interesting graph showing the global occurrence of 'traveling' vs. 'travelling'.
    I don't know who you are, sir (or lady), but i love you regardlessly of your gender, orientation, preferred food, species or whatever. Thank (as Scathach would have said).

    That said, it was that particular link the one i was referring when i said i learned another subtle difference between UK and USA English, thanks to Noah Webster

    Anyway, the repetition of travel(l)ing wasn't very elegant, so this is a better solution for sure. You know, i am not a professional writer and if i would have, i would not have been for sure an English writer

    And I'm also glad to hear that most of the map typos are getting fixed (though I'll have to wait for the GOG version to come out. Sigh).
    From what i know, GOG patching process is not fast as Steam's one, so, probably Stoic will update a patch there only after this series of various hotfixes is ended, but FEAR NOT!

    I am so happy right know, that, if you want (and provide me the correct file) i will update it manually!
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