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    Cool Banner Saga 1 - Balance Update!

    We've rebalanced the final chapter of the game. The final Bellower battle has been tuned to be more fair on Normal difficulty settings, and there are more opportunities for obtaining supplies and items in Chapter 6.

    Banner Saga 1 has been updated to the latest version of the engine technology, and quite a bit of cleanup has happened under the hood. A few of the improvements seen in Banner Saga 2 have been incorporated into this build.

    Please join our community to discuss these changes and other topics on our Official Stoic Forums.


    We'd like to give a special thanks to all the Beta testers that helped us prepare this update, in particular our MVPs:

    Changes in this build (2.36.02):
    • Final Bellower battle tuned to be less difficult (see below)
    • Chapter 6 supply opportunities increased (see below)
    • Upgrade '+' sign shows up on hero icons in heroes tent when appropriate
    • Extended tooltips in battle
      • on stat banner, buffs, and items.
      • on hazards such as slag-and-burn, coals, etc...
    • Match Resolution:
      • Consequences tab shows injured units
      • Achievements tab shows new achievements
      • Items tab shows newly acquired items
    • News Ticker on Start Screen
    • Injured units to not heal during travel, only when Resting in camp/village
    • Injured units' str penalty now equals the number of days of injury remaining
    • Nid now starts at rank 2 when she joins the caravan
    • Increased loot drop chance for winning the second wave of a battles.
    • Varl that join the caravan after the Godstone in chapter 3 now have supplies.


    1. Bellower Final Battle

    ...has been tuned down for normal and easy difficulty. HARD Difficulty mode remains just as challenging as before!

    Bellower's ARM/STR regen during the first battles was +6/+6 per turn

    It is now:
    • Easy: +0/+1 ARM/STR
    • Normal: +1/+3 ARM/STR
    • Hard: +6/+6 ARM/STR (same as before)

    Bellower's ARM/STR regen during the second battle is still +1/+1 for all difficulties.

    2. Chapter 6 Supplies

    ...towns in the final world travel have more supplies and items for sale:
    • Haukstorp, the first village after Einartoft which was ransacked by dredge (now 50 supplies at 10/renown, and 3 items)
    • The first village past Sigrholm (now has 145 supplies, up from 98), and between 3-5 items.
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    But, do check this (minor?) issue from Steam bugs thread.
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    Did it address any of the bugs in Yak's SSLTBS fix pack?
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    Looking at the changlelog of the various beta, just a few issues seems fixed:

    During Chapter 6 Rook is forcefully required in party for pretty all the fights, i think this is a bug. Now he's required only in Onef's ambush fight. Plus, now Nid is required in party in the fight when she joins you;
    Not sure if it's flagged as required for Onef's fight nor if Nid is now required.
    FIXED In Chapter 4, you start with a fixed amount of supplies, no matter if you bought lot of them at the end of Chapter 2, resulting in a bunch of wasted renown. It's quite unfair. Now, at the end of Chapter 2, there are just 3 supplies in the market (1 renown), to reflect the scarcity of them in the city, so you are not tempted to waste renown . Supplies at the beginning of Chapter 4 are unaffected.
    Fixed in a better way: Now it remembers the supply you had in Frostvellr.

    Then also this is fixed:
    Fix issue where Rook walks ahead of Juno on the way to Godstone Strahvs

    Plus, it seems to me that they fixed some of the typos, but cannot check one by one.

    I am a bit sad.

    Anyway 3-4 other bugs aroused while in Boersgard. I've fixed two and problably could fix the third. The fourth need a bit more tracking, but at this point i don't know if it will worths the effort.
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    Hey John, did you changed the way ../convo/*.json.z are compressed or compiled? Scene files and main saga1.json could be opened, but TBSDecompler is not able to open convos anymore. it get a "null" result. Strangely it works with TBS2 files, so i have to assume that's a new format at all?

    Is there any way to use Zeno1 to Decompile the original assets in a folder?
    I don't believe asset-src are live-updated (they weren't until now, and without a tool to check, im am totally blind here).

    If i could not work on those file, unluckily my mod mumbo-jumboing with Saga1 is come to an end and with it the Fixpack
    My mods: YaK's SSLTBS1 Unofficial Fixpack ( ) and Drake's & YaK's BS2 Unofficial Fixpack ( )

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    Same by me, i made czech translations for both parts of TBS and now i'm unable update my translations. TBS decompiler says just null and all translated convo strings are useless now. All czech fans are very sad....
    Please can you help us?

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    I might be able to beat Bellower in Normal difficulty now.

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