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    Thank you!

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    Godspeed for your Kickstarter, Poetic Studio!
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    Hey everyone,

    sorry for going radio silent in the last couple of weeks, we were preparing a fun campaign for you guys

    The big day is here and we are live on Kickstarter!

    We have also a developers' commentary video that defines what kind of role-playing experience Sacred Fire brings. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    Thank you for your support, we appreciate every fan.

    Check out the limited rewards before they are gone.

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    @Aleonymous Thank you, it's very kind of you!

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    We posted our first update, Mordhau gave us a shoutout and more are promised. The Commnunity Goals unlocked info about 2 more characters:

    We got to 20% in the first 24 hours, which feels good, but we are not out of the woods yet.

    More than 200 Eraly Bird rewards are gone, please help us make this a reality and go get yours now!

    You guys are doing a good job spreading the word, please keep at it. If you could take various sub-reddits by storm, that would help a lot.

    Please support us by upvoting this reddit post, thank you!

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    We have another 'news from the trenches' update. We got to 30% in 48 hours, so thank you for a good start. Thank you for spreading the word on reddit, it helps a lot.

    The Community Goals unlocked 2 more characters:

    To see how the game plays out, check out this 10 minutes developers' commentary video:

    If you like what you see, go get your Early Bird reward now!

    Thank you for your support.
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    There is already 500 people who decided to fund Sacred Fire in the first short 4 days. This is amazing!

    We are happy to reveal our last 2 characters:

    Early Bird rewards will be gone in a few hours

    Please, let your friends know and use this last opportunity to upgrade to a higher tier for an Early Bird pledge.

    Today I also celebrated my birthday with my family and my friends. It was a great moment to appreciate all the support I have in my life.

    Thank you for being part of that.

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    I'm happy to share with you our new trailer Storm Within with Doug Cockle's voiceover, presenting the themes we explore in Sacred Fire:

    A place they can not touch. A force they can not break. A fire to keep the darkness at bay

    It also shows previously not seen particle effects like snow, rain, fire and a waterfall, showing the visual quality we are going for with our location art.

    Please let us know what you think and if you like it help us make this a reality and pledge your support on Kickstrater now.
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    Thanks for keeping us updated. Another 3 weeks to go, and you're almost 50% funded. May it keep climbing smoothly and KickTraq's current prediction (180% of goal) come true
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    Hey thank you, that's very kind of you to say We are working hard to get more shoutouts and press, so keep your fingers crossed.

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    We reached 50% with almost 20 days to go! Thank you all, this is going really well!

    While we all may have grown accustomed to stories about Kickstarters that blast past their initial goal on day one and reach more and more stretch goals, we truly appreciate what we have here. This is all I could have hoped for, a steady stream of backers who help us spread the word because they like the look, the characters and the innovation in Sacred Fire.

    We have also published our first update focused on design, explaining how Sacred Fire connects story and gameplay, by adding challenge to choice making and connecting story branching to renown won in battle.

    Thank you for your support. This race is just getting started and we are preparing more juicy updates about combat, character creation, replayability, romances and more.
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    Good luck on the "middle" milestone, Poetic Studio. Fingers crossed the pace keeps going and that a major game news site picks up your story. I've been bugging Stoic Studio to back you, which will show-up on all people "following" them. Stoic are planning to issue an Update for Saga3 KS soonish, so you're probably gonna be in the "shout-out" there
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    Hey Aleonymous, sorry for the delay. I posted a reply yesterday, but for some reason it's not here. We have an early interest from one major games magazine, and pitched a custom article, we should hear back on Monday. So let's hope they like it Thank you, for championing Sacred Fire, that's awesome!

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    We are back with an in-depth update on combat in Sacred Fire

    It feels really good if your hard work gets recognized by your peers. So we are happy to have leading RPG designers and writers fighting on our side to make this campaign a success!
    Larian’s Swen Vincke, Chris Avellone and even Robert Kirkman's Skybound tweeted about our campaign rallying the fans to support.

    With more than 750 backers, as we are approaching 60%, we are starting to think about revealing our first stretch goal. We have a few value-adding production expansions of Sacred Fire in mind, but we want to hear your thoughts: what would add the most value to you?

    What should be the first stretch goal at $60,000 in your opinion:

    1) More character customization: more variety in male and female outfits, faces, hair and pain styles, more jewelry for female characters and more awesome beards for male characters.

    2) Localization: based on countries of our backers as of now, reaching the stretch goal would bring a translation to German, French and Slovak language.

    3) More voiceover: the base goal includes Doug Cockle as the Narrator adding voiceover to the intro, key story branching moments and the endings. With the stretch goal reached, we would add voiceover to the inner voice of your player character. Supporting our inward design, a male and female voice actor would narrate the inner dilemmas of the key story choices.

    Thank you for letting us know and if you like any of the stretch goals, please keep spreading the word about the Sacred Fire Kickstarter campaign.
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    We are getting close to 800 backers! Thank you!

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    I only wish these forums were more active, so that you could get more visibility... Good luck in the remaining two weeks. Looks like it's gonna be a close one!
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    @Aleonymous Thank you, we are grateful for every backer. Bit by bit, we are getting there. We have been able to get shoutouts almost every day and hopefully this will keep up. If anyone can get us on the Telltale forums or Shadowrun Returns forums that would be great.

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    With 10 days left, we are working hard to prepare a big ending for the campaign and preparing more update and perks to spicy up the rewards.

    The first thing is, based on feedback from our backers, we have revealed our stretch goals in our last update:

    One of Sacred Fire’s strengths is its unique visual style and focus on character creation. It’s the deepest and most thought out design aspect of Sacred Fire, as it allows you to develop your own playstyle and create your own hero. So our first stretch goal expands this fundamental part of the game and gives you even more self-expression options with focus on variety of:
    - colors, outfits and hairstyles,
    - faces, scars and paint patterns,
    - jewelry and more awesome beards.

    The design of Sacred Fire is oriented inwards, exploring the motives, emotions and conflicts of the protagonist. In key story choices, you lead an inner monologue detailing your thoughts and motives, why you made a choice and how you process the consequences.

    To support this design, this stretch goals adds narration of inner dilemmas to immerse you deeper into your role. What’s interesting, we have some of the most distinct voices in gaming showing early interest in joining the Sacred Fire team (on our indie budget!), as the male and female voice of your character.

    Based on your suggestions, we realized things don’t have to be black and white. While we can’t promise full voice-over for our varied cast, we can use it in character defining moments to make your favorite Sacred Fire characters come alive and immerse you deeper into the story. This stretch goal ads partial voice-over for the 10 main story characters: the 8 potential allies and the 2 powerful villains.


    To help us reach these stretch goals, we have also prepared a list of short videos to post on reddit, for example at /r/gaming/ or your favorite gaming reddit. Just select a 'Submit a new link' and into the url field enter the video link (on imgur right-click the video and select copy video address) and add a short fun description in the title, for example "Have fun smashing an axe in political debates in Sacred Fire".


    Sacred Fire caught the eye of another game writer and we got a nod from Rhianna Pratchett:

    I invite you to have a look at what my peers find so interesting and decide for yourself. Check out our campaign now.
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    We got covered by Kotaku by Nathan Grayson!

    The article stayed above the fold for many hours and strong traffic is still coming in. So here we are, approaching 75% and 1,000 backers. How great is that?

    With 8 days still to go and other big sites picking up the Kotaku article, we are trending way past our base goal. Kicktraq even lists us in the top 10 on their Video Games Hot List.

    So if you like the premise of Sacred Fire, now is a good time to support us and help us reach all the customization and voice-over stretch goals.

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    That Kotaku exposure sure helped the campaign! As I type this, you're almost 80% funded and 1000 strong ($39,164/50,000 and 994). Hoping for another such boost during this last week Keep blowing at that fire!

    I hope that Saga3 KS update (with Pledge Manager) goes live, and they don't forget to shout-out at you.
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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