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    some feedback


    I just finished both parts of the Banner Saga and wanted to leave some feedback.
    The world, lore, characters and encounters (not combat, rather the little things that happen along the road) were the best in the game for me as well as the soundtrack.

    Sometimes although alot of my decisons were unclear to me as in, I am at my camp, have all the time I need to have a proper discussion but most of the answers and my reactions are so truncated it felt like
    "sorry, too much words, have to not answer or be cryptic" and then it just cuts off. It didn't feel "right" most of the time, purely subjective on my part I know but a bummer.

    While the combat system seems to have alot of depth I think it gets severly hampered by its presentation and lack of freedom.

    Pre-battle: choosing the turnorder of your untis beforehand didn't add alot to it since I don't know who I am fighting and alot of times I was forced to take units I don't like and were ineffective for the fight
    Positioning: Alot of times I had no clue where to put my units so they do NOT stand infront of obstacles and since I don't know the turn order of the enemy it was more of a guessing game than tactics for me.
    Battlefield: The angle made it very hard sometimes to click on the right unit or its abilities, some battlefields (especially part2) had foreground art that obscured my and enemy units making clicking frustrating.
    If I clicked an enemy on the turnorder to see his range etc it often took me a long time to find the unit on the battlefield I targeted, especially bad in cramped places.

    some suggestions:
    combine pre-battle and positioning together: you can see the enemies, battlefield and choose your party accordingly.
    remove obstructions in your view (foreground trees etc)
    if I click on any unit (friend or foe) on the turnorder it should highlight that unit and "ghost" all other units (make em seethrough and remove the selection circles)
    if I click on my units in the turnorder make their abilities pop up above their portrait rather than on the unit on the battlefield and then only show enemies/allies in range in full color, "ghosting" the surrounding ones
    and make them not selectable
    make the grids bigger than the unit standing on it so it doesn't get so cramped

    So unfortunately I did not enjoy the battles at all although the units and their interactions were thought out well
    the training tent in saga2 gave so much renown that I felt I HAD to do them all although the presented challenges felt totally removed from the game,
    I never would have used the tactics and the specific units the trainer forced me to take in a real battle and take so many many turns just for one ability to shine when I can just kill the enemy.

    I liked that you use renown for items, level up and food, that made juggling your resources much more interesting.
    Ah and the upgrade system when reaching max points in your stats was rather disappointing, "percentages/luck" stats always felt less beneficial than just taking straight up stat increases and most of the percentages
    did not stack with the items you got.
    Pretty soon in saga1 and saga2 I just switched to easy mode and zombied through the many fights.

    I will stick around for saga3 and hope for a conclusion of most of the open threads (pun intended).

    PS: may all sound very negative but I still like the game and would recommend it to anyone
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    Hello there, welcome and thanks for taking the time to write this down. I will bring this to Stoic's attention.

    I guess the combat system is a typical example of "can't please all" situation. I found it very satisfying, but I understand all the rough points you mention. I suppose it's difficult to make the combat system fun for everybody, so at least there's the story parts where there's almost unanimous acclaim
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    Hi Mothra (great movie reference by the way).

    We appreciate this feedback. Aleo let our team know and they'll likely read it - we take all feedback into consideration for future games and updates.

    I hope you stay around while we work on things to come...

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    Thanks for the replies, I didn't want to come off as an ass, english isn't my first language, I hope my love for the game came through under all the negatives.
    I am no developer so I don't know if any of my suggestions just would create alot of problems and work in the current engine. The devs are clearly talented and passionate people and I wish them the best.
    I have no problem with mechanics I don't like if a game is good in "general".
    Often I watch movies or read books I don't "like" or find "interesting" but I am still amazed/enthralled/gripped by the craftmanship that went into it.
    Saga1+2 just ooze of that so I was thoroughly entertained and easy mode is just that, everything went by in a breeze.

    have a nice day

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    Don't worry, you didn't come at all like an ass (not my main language either). What you did was real proper criticism.
    You seem actually much more forgiving than me with your approach about "with mechanics I don't like if a game is good in "general". I'm more the kind that needs both to be my taste.

    Pretty good suggestions for the battle UI.
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    Good Criticism keeps developers on their toes and helps make better games.

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