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Thread: Will there ever be an update to Factions?

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    Will there ever be an update to Factions?

    Listen, I understand in my own small way the situation: the general public misunderstood Factions because they thought it was the full game and everyone loves outrage, they don't get why the turn order mechanic is brilliant etc. etc. It must be very frustrating for you. And it's frustrating for me as a fan, too. The number of misinformed reddit comments about the turn order, jeez. I sometimes feel like I'm waging a one-man campaign against a nebulous Other who thinks more stats and more items is the way to go when it comes to tactics. It's like they want all SRPGs to be Disgaea. I like Disgaea! It's a good game! But the beauty of TBS is in its simplicity. Chess doesn't need a leveling up system or a romance option, and neither does TBS.

    I get why you would never want to dedicate any more time to Factions. I wouldn't either, if I were in your position. I'm just curious: is it something you're ever going to go back to? If not, cool - it'll be a nice little game I'll play once in a while if anyone's around, rocking it at Power 6 (because I can't win on 12), watching the veterans win the tournament every week. If it is, though... ooft. Can I dedicate another 150 hours to your game? Damn.

    Anyway, all you folks are doing great work. I love your stuff. I was just curious about my first crush: that combat system, played against real human opponents. It's the business, and thank you so much for giving it to us for free.

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    According to Stoic, Factions is what it is and it has served its purpose. The official statement is that they are interested in having a full complete online game in the TBS universe, but they'll see to that only after the Saga Trilogy completed. Until then... Factions must survive on its own!

    It caused some trouble to the devs after/during its launch, from a considerable part of the Kickstarter backers. However, many more people where attracted to the community and the franchise in general via Factions (being free and all), so that's a big plus there, which more than compensated the "troubles" Stoic got, I suppose.
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