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Thread: TBS3 on Playstation and Xbox Platforms?

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    TBS3 on Playstation and Xbox Platforms?

    Do we yet have any confirmation whether the new game will be released on current gen console's or will it be a PC exclusive? If the game releases on console do you think the release date will be later than initial release?

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    I am not speaking for Stoic, but I think they will want to release Saga3 on console & mobile platforms. However, that will surely come after the PC/Mac release (Steam & GOG) and provided that the sales and all go as planned. Porting Saga1 to other platforms took several months (maybe a whole year?), but Saga2 was ported much faster; I suppose the same will happen for Saga3, now that they got the technology all set up.

    The currently ongoing Kickstarter is only for PC/Mac though, as it is their #1 priority and the only one they can safely promise at the moment. Needless to say that if funding goes way over the initial goal, porting to other platforms is guaranteed
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    Hopefully that happens! i have PC myself but i know a lot of people want to get there hands on the game when it comes out on those additional platforms!

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