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Thread: 2 Ability Ideas

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    2 Ability Ideas

    Just throwing some ideas out there that would be very interesting to see in Banner Saga. I originally wanted to try modding these in, but it's not likely to happen

    A passive ability for offensive melee characters. If the character can natively deal 2 or more strength damage to an enemy, it will deal a bonus 1 damage

    A melee ability for a type of frontline archer character. When used, the character will melee attack for, say 6 damage. This happens regardless of their current strength and any items they are carrying.
    Very useful if the character has been cornered, or towards the end of a messy battle. The character cannot attack in melee without using the ability.
    2 Willpower = +1 damage
    3 Willpower = +2 damage

    Character attacks with an extended range of 1 tile
    2 Willpower = +1 damage
    3 Willpower = +2 damage

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    Hello there, and welcome to our little community!

    Interesting ability ideas; some comments:

    Finesse sounds like a variant of Puncture, i.e. something that effectively boosts damage. It might turn ImBa though, so it needs some care.
    Cleaver is awesome! I'd reduce the fixed damage (maybe 3 instead of 6) and would add Knockback or AOE to higher ranks (+WIL)
    Lunge -- Will the hero move (one tile) before he attacks? I love when an ability mixes positioning & attack (e.g. Backbiter)
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