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Thread: Game won't launch from Steam when I start it on Mac 10.11.6

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    Game won't launch from Steam when I start it on Mac 10.11.6

    I got Banner Saga on Steam last December. I play it off and on but hadn't in a month or two so I tried to open it yesterday and it looks like it's starting up for a few seconds and then disappears. I tried all the troubleshooting directions on Steam, run anti-virus program, check firewalls, but it still doesn't work. My anti-virus program did find an infection and that was removed but I still have the same problem. Sometimes when I try to launch it a message flashes that says console error with a red background and disappears.

    Any help would be appreciated, I miss playing

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    Hello there and sorry for the late response. Yours is the 2nd or 3rd report we've had from this Mac issue, since the latest update. Please email for a direct answer; I hope they can troubleshoot you, without having to wait for a patch/hotfix!
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