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Thread: Concerning Eirik (spoilers)

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    Concerning Eirik (spoilers)

    So I only played the first game, and I decided that letting Eirik go back to the town that he practically lead with some refugees in tow was the right thing to do. He didn't seem to be leaving out of cowardice, but concern, and I'd think he'd do more good leading Strand and its whole population than by being led by the player characters.

    Fast forward to now, I spoiled for myself that he gets a freaking bear and is an awesome party member! Does letting him return to Strand affect a dialogue or anything, at least? Or is he pretty much dead?

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    Hello there, and welcome!

    Sending Eirik back in Chapter 3 does indeed remove him from Hakon's caravan and the Skogr caravan later on (in Saga2)... But, there's spoiler-y rumors that it's not the last of him we see, as Strand is revisited in Saga3, ICYMI

    In case you really want that bear, you can easily bring him back by editing your final Saga1 save, before importing it into Saga2. Open the file with a regular text editor (notepad), look for the line "eirikdied": "1" and delete it (or replace the "1" with a "0").
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