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    Hey guys, devblog 2 is up on Indie DB. As mentioned, I talk about the initial progress I've done on formation AI and I have some video footage on it too. I've also got a couple more sets of armor, this time centered around mercenary themed armor.

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    So it's been a while guys. Been busy with various features that you can read up on my latest devblog

    I have a new demo coming out later this months (22nd June) that should address some of the issues I encountered from the first demo, building on some of the feedback I received as well. The biggest thing is battles on more open levels with elevation.

    Check it out:

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    Hey guys, build 0.2.0 has been released on IndieDB! As always, I'm open to all feedback. Be as blunt as you like!

    Info on the demo:
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    There's going to be more updates from now on. They'll be smaller updates, but I'll be posting every week now. Every Wednesday, I'll showcase a new armor set and every Saturday, I'll showcase a new enemy. Also, I'm going to try for a new devblog every month. Some of the armor sets you might have seen already but in most cases they've been slightly edited to fit the new armor system. I'll be showcasing all the armor sets in the "cloth armor" tier for a couple of weeks. There will be extensive customization options in Dead Monarchy but I won't spoil it all, I don't plan on showcasing any of the legendary armor sets.

    A quick review of how the armor system works. You have two armor slots, helmet and armor (body). Each armor piece protects against attacks that are aimed towards the head or body. Helmets can be permanently lost if completely broken, armor will just be unable to be equipped again. There will be around 10 tiers of armor, but within each tier of armor there will be several variants. Some variants will just be retextured, but others are completely different models. I think this strikes a nice balance between improving your gear but also giving you options of creating unique characters.

    Cloth Armor Set 1-4:

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    Devblog 4 is now out. Briefly covers the player base and the process of map generation. Will be diving deeper into the player base later on.

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    Thanks for the updates, Bantichai. I'm too swamped w/ RL & work to check & feedback; also, Saga3 was released last week, so we're into supporting that as well. The forums saw a very small increase in the traffic, but nothing considerable, unfortunately...
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleonymous View Post
    Thanks for the updates, Bantichai. I'm too swamped w/ RL & work to check & feedback; also, Saga3 was released last week, so we're into supporting that as well. The forums saw a very small increase in the traffic, but nothing considerable, unfortunately...
    No worries Aleonymous! I've been keeping an eye on Banner Saga 3 and plan to be playing that when I get the time. Congrats on release and another great game!

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    Here's the first monster reveal. I'll be going into more details in each faction reveal, when all monsters are covered for each specific faction. For now though, here's a few screenshots of the "Rodent Gunner", something that never got the spotlight a couple weeks back.

    Monster Name: Rodent Gunner
    Special Ability: Heavy Shot, a ranged knockback ability.

    The majority of knockback abilities are all done within melee distance, so 1 tile away. The gunner likes to keep enemies at a distance but it can also be used aggressively to disrupt formations, knocking your units back, away from allies and exposing their flanks.

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    Just dropping in with a few more models that have been finalized. There are a few more models in this tier, then I'll be moving onto finishing the next tier of armor which is "Padded Armor". Cloth Armor 5-7:

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    Here's another monster reveal for the Rodent Clans.

    Monster Name: Rodent Stalker
    Special Ability: Quick Step, an ability that allows the user to disengage from melee combat without triggering an AOO (Attack of Opportunity).

    By default whenever a combatant disengages from melee distance, that combatant will be subjected to an AOO. AOO attacks will bypass helmet/armor rating but only deal half damage, that said it is still extremely dangerous. With the Quick Step ability, the stalker will be able to quickly flank and move around enemies without being subjected to an AOO attack. Flanking an enemy from behind also grants several bonuses which include increase hit and critical chance and also a flat damage bonus of +5 which will bypass armor. In short, the rodent stalker is a highly mobile flanking unit.

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    Been a couple busy weeks, so didn't have time to post updates to all the forums. I decided to compile these past two weeks together into one bigger update

    Cloth Armor 8-10:

    Monster Name: Rodent Shaman.
    Special Abilities: Mend Wounds, a single target ranged heal ability. Power Bomb, filled with all manner of hallucinogenic substances, this ability has a chance to stun the target or buff the target's.

    Healing isn't really a common occurrence so these creatures will probably start to become high priority targets. Powder Bomb as you may have noticed can backfire and boost your own characters, which I thought was quite thematic to "ratmen". Overall, I'm trying to make the Rodent clan focus more on displacement and crowd control in terms of this faction's main theme/playstyle.

    Monster Name: Rodent Soldier
    Special Ability: Sunder Strike, double damage if the target is stunned. The damage applies to both armor damage and "health" damage.

    The solider forms the frontline of the Rodent Clan and combines well with the Shaman. If a target is stunned by the Shaman, Sunder Strike will deal damage whether it be "health" damage or damage to Helmet/Armor rating. If you want to get to the Shaman, you'll have to get through these boys first. The soldier will also be the most heavily armored unit and the only rodent to carry a shield into combat.

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    Hey guys,

    I've got an update out on indie DB detailing the current development situation of Dead Monarchy. It covers all the major features I've implemented so far and what you can expect in the early access version. Hoping to release into early access somewhere towards the end of the 1st quarter this year. After releasing the EA version, I'll also release an updated demo. The update is mostly text but there is a new armor set though

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