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Alright, your plan sounds solid enough. Good luck!

One last note. It's something that I deem an integral part of development, even though many devs usually neglect it, and try to "glue it" in, after the game is made. It is this: Does your game have a distinctive character? Will people that briefly glimpse it, e.g. while scrolling through their Steam/Twitter/Twitch/YouTube feeds, instantly recognize it and say: "oh, this is DM"? I know that games relying on commercial engines (e.g. Unity) tend to feel "carbon-copied", but there are surely things you can do to imprint something special on all visuals of your game. It doesn't need to be something really special (difficulty-to-make), or really fancy; but it does need to be distinctive/recognizable.

The Banner Saga is a very example in this aspect. Apart from the visual art style (which is surely hard to do), it's got some more recognizable elements: The long banners, the caravan, the vikings (which weren't so "mainstream" at the time).

I once again agree on the distinctive theme or style for a game. The downside of using Unity or perhaps a common trend is to use asset store assets, which I have used as well IE for terrain and some buildings, which is probably why after a while people start noticing the similarities, if not the lighting etc. Eventually I'll replace them as I create more exclusive models but for DM, I'd have to say right now the most distinctive thing is the armor. The armor is all exclusive and custom and is grounded in reality. Inspired by history but not historically accurate, I can't think of too many games that really embrace this idea outside of Mount and Blade, Battle Brothers and probably a few other games inspired by Mount and Blade that I can't put my finger on.

I'm going for a realistic style so I won't be able to do anything Banner Saga did (which was great), so I'll be intentionally including my armors into future screenshots as I think they are quite unique, other than that as I start to turn more towards world building, I'm trying to create a world that feels grounded yet alien at the same time, Morrowind was a great example growing up as a kid.

In any case, your advice has started turning the cogs in my mind, cheers!