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    Hello everyone!

    I am new to factions and loving it! You will see me on alot and I go by Son of Odin.

    Just a couple questions! Will factions be getting a update anytime soon or in the future? What plans do the devs have for it? And I see the player base is small but very die hard which I like! Do you think the player base will grow or just stay the same for now?

    But anyways! See you all on the field of battle!

    Dang DOng ho!

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    Hey there "Son of Odin" and welcome to our little caravan

    Without wasting your time, the answer to all your questions is, unfortunately, no, or, at best: "we can't comment at this time" The devs have said that they want to do something with Factions (update this game, or design a new one, similarly online/PvP), but that will only happen once they are done with the single-player trilogy, so that they have time to devote there; of course, this will only happen if they see something viable (financially speaking) in such a task; currently, Factions doesn't even pay for its servers... So, the conclusion of the trilogy will most likely happen in 2018, so we might have more news on this by 2019.

    Do check-out the BannerSaga Discord server, and its #factions channel
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