Horseborn Race Review

Until recently, the horseborn were thought to be only legend. When the races were being created by the gods, the horseborn were a result of men and beast. But during these times, common horses also existed and roamed freely. Over time, the horseborn became concerned about their relationship with the simple beasts, and infuriated by the treatment and enslavement of horses by mankind. Without any singular leader, some of the horseborn chose to ignore the issue, others turned into a growing movement of outrage. An angry uprising of horseborn swept across the land, slaughtering every horse they could find to remove themselves from the comparison and to free their horse "ancestors" from their fate as beasts of burden. When the blood cleared from their vision, the horseborn felt deeply conflicted about what they had done, and chose to cut ties with the other races completely, fleeing south onto the open plains. They hadn't been seen again for generations, long enough to question whether they ever existed at all... until the darkness drove them from their homelands and back into contact with the other races.

The horseborn live nomadically, travelling far distances with the weather and carrying everything they own. Fights for dominance are often vicious and over quickly- unlike the other races, the horseborn rarely live more than thirty years of age, as they grow quickly from youth to adulthood. Due to this they often see life as more of a physical competition than their human counterparts, and consider conflict and death a natural part of life.