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Thread: Survival Mode w/out timer or with Pause?

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    Survival Mode w/out timer or with Pause?

    Not sure how active this forum is but just in case a dev reads this...I'd love to have survival mode without a timer or with a pause button (even if the screen has to be blacked out to avoid strategizing while paused).

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    Welcome to the Forums. As you can see, we use them as a repository for ideas. All the team and Bannerfolk are on Discord:

    About pause for Survival Mode - you can pause by opening the menu - press Esc on PC.

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    Hello! As Iuliana said, do join us on Discord.

    To the matter at hand -- I'd also like to have options in survival mode:
    * Turn Order: "TBS classic" or the current one
    * Timer: Duration changeable, e.g. Infinite, 120 sec, 60 sec, 30 sec.
    * Permadeath: Enable or Disable
    * Reloads: Potentially infinite

    The "competitive" mode would include all the default settings. Alternatively, the changes could be mirrored in your score in the Leaderboards (e.g. Infinite timer and reloads would zero, or sub-zero , your score).
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