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Thread: What movie should I watch?

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    What movie should I watch?

    What good movies came out this year?

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    Fast Furious if you are car racing lover like me...

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    Recently, I managed to catch 'Ready Player One', and thought it was a really good movie and pretty much exceeded all my expectations despite having somewhat of a 'typical' storyline where main character starts off as nobody, but rises to the role of hero and saves the world while getting the damsel in distress. I mean, have that storyline but set it in-between a virtual simulated game world and real world, plus throw in an huge amount of pop culture AND pretty much every character (gaming and cartoon) that I loved while growing up such as Gundam, TMNT, Halo, Godzilla, Iron Giant, etc and you have an awesome movie.

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    Have you seen Infinity War from M C U? If no, then go ahead.

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