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Thread: Possible bug while reinforcing mid-fight

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    Possible bug while reinforcing mid-fight

    During the reinforcement phase, if you place a new party member next to a diseased party member the disease automatically spreads to them. Dont know if this is a bug or intended but it seemed like a janky and unintuitive thing to have happen considering I was adding the character that was going to replace the diseased one and it feels like the game is supposed to be in a sense 'paused' during this phase

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    I had this too. If it's not a bug then it really is just not very intuitive. Thank you for noting that.
    Can you please send an e-mail to support(at)stoicstudio(dot)com with as much detail about this as possible. That way the team can log it and start working on a fix.��

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    No update on this one (yet). If you ask me, the debuffs shoulds wear off between consecutive waves. But, even if not, contamination during the deployment phase where "misclicks" are allowed shouldn't happen!
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