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Thread: Import bug from BS2 to BS3

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    Import bug from BS2 to BS3


    when I started BS3 and imported from BS2, all my characters were there but every one of them was Level 8 (at the start of the first battle in Arberrang). By the end of BS2 my characters were in fact a mixture between levels 3 and 7... I take it this isn't meant to happen - I mean I'm assuming this isn't some kind of weird autolevelling... Any advice? Known bug?

    Using the GOG version of both games, in Windows.

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    Yeah, it's an autoleveling, the same happened in BS1 to BS1, where all characters imported will be between level 3 or 5 at least.
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    Ah. I jumped to a conclusion... I now see if you don't import a save, your characters are all Level 8, except Oddlief, who is Level 9. I guess there are some new challenges ahead and having got through BS2 pretty well on level 6, mostly, is no guarantee in BS3.


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