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Thread: [MOD] French localization/translation improvement

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    Post [MOD] French localization/translation improvement

    Hi everyone !

    I've spent a lot of time on this official forum, and also on the Steam one, to gather information, and this is what I got so far :
    - yes, the official French translation is bad (at least for TBS1) ;
    - no, Stoic doesn't plan to update it ;
    - no, there isn't any fan-made mod to correct that (yet !) ;
    - yes, it is possible to do one, as some did for other languages.

    So, you see where I want to go... let's do it.
    Yes let US do it. In fact, I'm willing to do it, and at least I will try, but here is my disclaimer : I don't have strong computing skills, and I am not a professional translator. So, anybody wanting to help is welcome.
    Let's begin with where I am.

    First, the technical part.
    I've read several posts in both forums, about modding, and I want to gather here all needed information, because I realize it is not simple, at least not as simple as seems to be modding in Steam Workshop (seems because I've never modded anything before).
    I've installed DLC mod content, using Stoic quick-guide :
    As we're here, let's also read this from Stoic :
    What I understood is that the DLC was not updated with the latest build, and so stopped working properly. So I updated it with this :
    Thank you a lot Gestaltzerfall for this update. I put here the link to the thread and not directly to the file because it seems to be updated quite often.
    After unpacking the .air file with Winrar, I copied the files and folder in the ZenoSaga1 folder (see the quick-guide above for more info) :
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\tbs\win32\ZenoSaga1
    Until now, the only way I found to update translation is to open one and every file in assets-src\saga1\locale\fr\convo with Notepad++, compare it to the English version in assets-src\saga1\convo and edit it.
    The problem I'm facing is maybe the same as the original translator (assuming there was a human involved, or even a varl ;-) ), each sentence is out of context. I don't have the relations between them, or the order, the branching, etc, at least not easily, at least not understood by me. I believe it is coded in the file, indeed.
    So, if anyone here can help me with that, I would be thankful. Is there a tool to manage that ?
    I would also like to keep track of modifications. The only way I see with my skills right now is a spreadsheet with each file and each modified sentence logged in. For sure, it will be heavy to maintain.
    Then come compiling. I'm not finished yet with the previous step, but I wanted to test in game with only a modified sentence, to see if my process would at least work. The Stoic quick-guide is pretty clear about it, I like it, but it seems that the mod by Gestaltzerfall also changed the way it worked. I'm not sure if anyone wants to discuss it here but my concerns may be too "newbie" for the level of the dedicated thread.
    The inital Zeno_Saga1.exe, as explained in the quick-guide, was compiling .json files from the assets-src folder into .json.z files in the assets folder. The file updated by Gestaltzerfall, when I tried it, compiled my .json file in assets-src folder into .json.z files also but in the same folder, assets-src. Maybe I can then just drag them into the folder I want, but I'm not sure it will not affect the subsequent parts of the process, i.e. using console command to launch the game with a specific asset folder or a mod, as stated in the Almighty quick-guide.

    Then, the literary part
    As previously said, I am not a professional translator, I haven't even had linguistic or literary education, so I will just do my best.
    As a native French-speaker, I first tried to play the game in French, but had to switch in English because some dialogues meant no sense to me.
    I will start with an example from the early game that bugged me when I played.
    Here is a sentence fom assets-src\saga1\convo\part1\cnv_chat_hakon1.json file :
    Hah... humans. I guess if I only lived as long as a yox fart I might be desperate to make something of myself, too.
    In assets-src\saga1\locale\fr\convo\part1\cnv_chat_hakon1.js on file we can find :
    Ah... Les humains. Je suppose que si je vivais aussi longtemps que les yox pètent, j'essaierais désespérément de faire quelque chose de ma vie moi aussi.
    This is a total mistranslation, because Hakon means a human life is short, ans so refer to a yox fart, which is supposed to be short also, but the French translation is about yox farting, which is the opposite because we can suppose that yox have farted since they were created, and will still do until the end, and so we understand that a human life is long. What could be just a grammar mistake, confusing the noun and the verb "fart" in fact leads to a misinterpretation. This is a very good example of what annoyed me in the French localization, and made me play the game in English.
    Now, I have two suggestions :
    Or I just correct the obvious and objective error, like in :
    Ah... Les humains. Je suppose que si je vivais aussi longtemps qu'un pet de yox, j'essaierais désespérément de faire quelque chose de ma vie moi aussi.
    Or while correcting the sentence, I allow myself to rephrase it more deeply:
    Ah... les humains. Je suppose que si ma vie était aussi courte qu'un pet de yox, j'essaierais désespérément d'en faire quelque chose, moi aussi.
    To those who can read both French and English what do you think is best ?

    Sorry for the very long post. I hope this project will bring some interest. I don't know if there are a lot of French-reader around here, but I do believe it could bring some new players if a correct localization, also easy to install without any computer or English skill, would be available.

    Thank you to all who made the works I used above.

    [EDIT] I forgot to mention this very useful thread by Aleonymous :
    Thank you !
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    Hey Pops. Bringing this to the attention of the devs (working on localization) as well as other French users in the Discord server.
    Together we stand, divided we fall.

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    It is a very good initiative you took Pops.
    I only played BS3 in French to check the translation so can only compare with that one.
    I also agree that while a good part of the translation seems normal, there are times where it totally breaks down. Often like you mentioned with subjects reversed.

    I was very interested in helping verifying / modifying the French translation but an unexpected event will require my full time fairly soon.

    As for the yox, I'd go for :
    "Ah... les humains. Je suppose que si ma vie était aussi courte qu'un pet de yox, j'essaierais désespérément d'en faire quelque chose, moi aussi."
    Because this way represents better the shortness of it.
    (I'm also neither a trained reader/writer nor do I have any special training in English)
    My beard is augmented.

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    Thank you both for your answer, and Aleonymous, I'll check discord too.

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