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    A "thanks" section isnt really there to select, so ill just go forward and tell how i feel with your banner saga trilogy. From the depth of my heart, i thank all the Stoic Team for this wonderful dream that is the banner saga games. It is very difficult for me to fall in love with a game, but banner saga really did it, and i am tremendously grateful for this experience, i mean, when i was at work, the only thing i could seriously think of, was to play banner saga 3 and see what the hell was going to happen next, and that made me very happy.

    From a very happy man, i thank you guys, and i am looking forward to the next work.
    ¡Saludos de Chile muchachos, Gracias!

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    Hello there I've forwarded your thanks to the devs via the Discord server -- Things are very quiet here, but you'll find many more people there.

    I was super-excited, like you, back in 2013-2016 (for Saga1 and Saga2), but Saga3 release found me at a quite stressed time (work, family etc), so that couldn't enjoy the last part as much as I wanted... I've still haven't managed to play Survival Mode at all, and Eternal Arena is coming!

    Anyway, I'm also very much looking forward to the next project

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    What a great letter to receive. Thanks to you for taking the time to play, we love hearing about people's experiences in the Banner Saga world. It has been our pleasure and honor to bring you the series over the last 6 years!

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    Thank you for posting here to give your thoughts to us, TiuLucho! I shared your letter with the entire team today. We love to hear this; it makes us feel like what we do is worthy. Thank you again.

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