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Thread: Ash of Gods

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    Ash of Gods

    Has anyone played it? what does Stoic team think about that game?, it seems very similar to the banner saga, yet i am willingly to give it a shot. So, any opinions?

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    I actually backed this on Kickstarter, a couple of years ago.

    I've played the single-player campaign (only once though, ~20 hours), and it's quite nice and quite different from The Banner Saga (TBS). Well, apart from it being a text-heavy adventure game with tactical turn-based combat and "that" artistic looks, the games play very differently. I liked it, but not as much as TBS. They do several things quite differently; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In overall it's a game worth playing, IMO, especially if you liked the genre of TBS.

    The world is totally different and is actually based on some Russian novelists' work. Redemption is supposed to be the first "chapter/part" in the AOG world, but nothing concrete about part 2 has been heard of, yet.

    Also, Ash of Gods (AOG) has an integrated online PvP (like Banner Saga: Factions -- but not free, you have to buy the main game to play the online PvP). I haven't played that at all, so I don't know how many play it, or what it plays like.

    As to what Stoic think about this: The official position of Stoic for AOG upon release was "We wish them well". Initially Stoic were kind of excited to have seeded a new genre, but as AOG progressed, they became more and more aware that AD (Aurum Dust) tried to leverage on TBS success & fanbase to push their own game. Stoic didn't mind (so much) about AD "copying" their art-style and a few mechanics, as much as for their attitude. Nevertheless, in the end, they both came at terms with their "position" and lived happily ever after
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