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Thread: Picked up Banner Saga... and I'm really confused?

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    Picked up Banner Saga... and I'm really confused?

    I picked up Banner Saga after watching it for years. It's now on Switch so I figured it'd be a great companion while travelling.

    But.. I'm quite confused. It started with a short intro free netflix tech news about the gods being dead. Then the varl I'm playing as rock up to a town and kill a chief and now I'm doing stuff for the jarl (I assume he's a jarl) - why? Who am I? What's going on? Now some more varl have showed up and it seems to presume that I know why we're doing this and what's going on and I feel like I might be missing something here?

    Have I accidentally skipped a cutscene or some exposition? Or will this become clearer with time?
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    Hi there Check this reddit thread: (this place is practically deserted).
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