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    Just so everyone knows - even after you get your key the game does not release in Steam until tomorrow midday. They're is no advantage to getting your keys now, yesterday, or tomorrow morning. We're all excited to play, so let's try to be patient and have faith that Stoic will get through their support backlog as quickly as they can.

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    Hey guys. 2 hours now, no confirmation e-mail. Checked the spam and trash. Help a backer out?

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    Hehe I see I'm not the only one with this problem, I guess it doesn't really matter when I get the key so long has it's before tuesday. I used the old forum board, but never used this one, I was wondering if that was part of the problem, but I guess not.

    Good luck with you guy for this week, I'm sure it's gonna be a really busy one! Hope the game does well.

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    Same problem here.

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    Can't seem to get my confirmation email to come through (KS backer here!)

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    The instructions in the OP are misleading.

    What I did:

    • Register account (same email as with KS).

    • Wait for confirmation email.

      No email.

    • Re-request email and wait again.

      No email.

    • Think "screw this".

    • "Log out" of forum.

    • Log in and call up the link given in the KS update...

      Suddenly... Steam key.

    I never received the confirmation email so this is apparently not a required step.

    This also means that anyone can request your game key if they know your email address because the forum login (and the Steam key) go to whoever enters this email address... not to you, who can actually receive mail on that address.

    I mean, it works... sort of... but security-wise it's a major screw up.
    Last edited by Gazz; 01-14-2014 at 02:57 AM.

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    Yes! That worked for me as well!

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    Hi! I signed up with my backer email, but I can't seem to receive an email confirmation no matter what I do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazz View Post
    The instructions in the OP are misleading.
    Suddenly... Steam key.[/list]
    Hey man this works! Thanks, big thumbs up for you!

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    THANK YOU, man, you're the best!
    Worked for me too!

    And hey, Stoic, thanks for nothing...

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    Doesn`t work for me. no email and no Steamkey and I am a KS er also. I am pretty disappointed that I wont be able to play it tomorrow as for me night starts now and I will return home late due to work tomorrow. And then I have to Dl the game with a really slow connection. So thanks for that.

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    Yay, got my steam-key. Thanks Stoic, so excited to play this game!

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    I'll add my name to the queue. Signed up with same email as Kickstarter. No confirmation email. Attempted the resend option. Still no confirmation email. I have checked my spam folder and there is nothing from Stoic. We broke your servers Sorry

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    Check that. In between posting the previous post and this one I've been upgraded as a backer. Thank Stoic

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    Thanks Gazz!

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    So my post here confirms my account and sends out a second email ?

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    Just to be clear:

    I never received an email confirmation and never confirmed my email address.
    I could be anyone who just happens to know Gazz' email address.

    Maybe a moderator/admin manually activated my account. I don't know and didn't ask for that.
    In that case he did it on faith that the entered email address was actually mine.

    Anyway, the forum profile is "activated" and I got the Steam code associated with this email address.
    As long as everyone "behaves", this unusual level of trust works fine...

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    I can confirm that logging in and out of the forum is working. My account is still defined as an "unconfirmed account", but I was able to get my Steam key and access the Kickstarter forum. Preloading now.

    Registered yesterday, no confirmation email received from Stoic yet. Tried resending the confirmation email twice. Checked spam folders. No sign of any email on the server...

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    Glad to be here, looking forward to playing

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    Hi, I've sent the administrator a message that I was a kickstarter backer but I just recently discovered that the game had been released. I'm sure I paid for the game and not just for support, but I haven't got access to the kickstarter forum or got download instructions. My mail is the same mail I paid the kickstarter with, I recall that I used paypal.

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